Sunday 31 March 2013

Speakerconf 2013

A man, a hat, ... What is Speakerconf? Speakerconf is a small (roughly 16 attendees) invite-only conference where everybody who attends gives a presentation about a topic that's currently on their mind.

Speakerconf 2013 was educational, fun and humbling--all at the same time. It featured a wide range of speakers talking about a wide range of topics. Everything from UX to constraint programming to microservices to model checking to tail-call optimisation in Java 8 got covered.

The breadth and sophistication of the talks means that in every session at least some us were completely befuddled whilst others were making connections across disciplines that don't normally share the same conference let alone the same room. For every talk about computation tree logic that went completely over my head there was a moment when I got to introduce people to the ideas in composing contracts or As We May Think. Many of the other attendees told me they had a similar experience. This resulted in an environment that was unusually conducive to respectful and enlightening conversation.

If you get invited to attend a Speakerconf then I strongly recommend you accept.