Sunday 6 December 2009

Scalecamp UK 2009

Last week the wonderful people at the Guardian held an unconference called Scalecamp "for and by people who care about web performance and scalability."

Lots of interesting developers and operations people from companies like Yahoo, Nestoria and ThoughtWorks turned up to share their experiences. I found the mingling of sys admins, operations people and architects lead to some interesting discussions and I'm looking forward to attending the next one.

I made notes on the sessions I attended using this Jaiku channel. I'll also be using that channel to track the ongoing discussion and collect links to various people's slides.

Speaking of which, my slides from my session on the scalability staircase are available at : The basic idea (which came out of a discussion at OSJam last year between me, Dan Cresswell and Manik from JBoss) is that the successful heuristics regarding system architecture change at different scales.

You can see photos from my session and the rest of the event in the Flickr group for Scalecamp.

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