Monday 3 May 2010

Apprenticeship Patterns is now Creative Commons licensed

Just over 5 years ago Dave and I started Apprenticeship Patterns on a wiki. We used that wiki to organize the stories we found as we went around the world asking people how they became skilled software developers. When O'Reilly approached us about turning our wiki into an actual book printed on dead trees we were delighted but we also emphasised our desire to share the ideas with the widest possible audience. Fortunately O'Reilly are an incredibly englightened publishing house and they were already thinking about ways to get their books into the Creative Commons.

Just like we were one of the first O'Reilly books to experiment with using a wiki to get early feedback during the writing process we're also one of the first O'Reilly books to experiment with publishing our material under a Creative Commons license. Starting from today the book is now available here:

We're using O'Reilly's experimental Open Feedback Publishing system which lets people, after registering, attach comments to any section of the book. If there's ever a second edition your feedback will be an essential part of it so please don't be shy.